Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Edu-Blogger: ITI: Stephen Downes keynote

The Edu-Blogger: ITI: Stephen Downes keynote

Here's a wonderful recap created by Rick West of Stephen Downes' talk at the Instructional Technology Institute in Utah last week. When I was reading it, a great many points rang true in my mind. The best point is that certain successful applications such as FTP, email, blogs have common criteria that made them successful.. they were:

* - simple
* - decentralized
* - open – we could all play
* - free, etc.

I would suggest that these four criteria are a must for educational applications to be successful; however, what companies are going to invest in R&D around products that are FREE? Catch 22 right there. So successful educational initiatives might be found at the grass roots level in the future. Just interesting food for thought.

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