Tuesday, April 11, 2006

World Lecture Hall

I've written before on Open Courseware Resources and I've recently found a tool that is complimentary: The World Lecture Hall hosted by the University of Texas at Austin.

"World Lecture Hall publishes links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver course materials in any language.

Some courses are delivered entirely over the Internet. Others are designed for students in residence. Many fall somewhere in between. In all cases, they can be visited by anyone interested in courseware on the Internet — faculty, developers, and curious students alike."

Try it. It works!!!

Centre for History and New Media and George Mason University

The Centre for History and New Media and George Mason University is something that History experts probably know about; however, for non-history experts like me… it was a really gold mine to find! It’s loaded with interesting tools, resources and projects. It has tools like a Syllabus Finder search engine, timeline creators, and poll creators. It has resources like links to blogs, links to essays on special topics and a searchable database of history departments from around the world. The project section is also jammed packed with goodies. Links to the award-winning history matters site and the 911 Digital Archive are there just to name two.

So if you’re a non-history expert who wants some guidance on what history resources are on the web this is really a one stop shopping experience!