Friday, March 04, 2011

Is Google good for education? Take a LitTrip or explore an Art Museum thanks to Google

Ben Daley, Chief Academic Officer and COO at High Tech High, has recently posted a lovely list of 24 Google products that have an application to the field of education. I knew about the educational applications of some of these products already: YouTube (1, 2, 3), Google Scholar, Body Browser. However, there are many on this list that are new to me. Here are two products that caught my eye in particular:
  1. GoogleLitTrips. Basically, it leverages the Google Earth platform to intertwine geography with reading novels. Check out this recent article in the National Post on the subject.
    Also, have a look at this video featuring Jerome Burg as he describes the GoogleLitTrip concept. It won a Microsoft Education Award in 2010!

  1. Google Art Project. Google has partnered with some world class museums to bring their artwork to students anytime and anywhere. Using the Google Street View technology, students can explore museums and access high resolution images of artwork. They can even listen to audio tours while exploring paintings. Check out this video below introducing the Art Project.

Do you have a favourite Google product that is a great fit with education? If so let us know by leaving a comment.