Thursday, August 26, 2004

Conflict within Teams

I was cruising the net while waiting for the delivery of my new washer and dryer (yeeehhhaaa... bye bye laundrymat!) and I came across this very nice article off of Asterisk. It goes on to describe a situation that I have been in numerous times in my work over the last two years: when conflict arises in teams that are creating "something." You recognize the comments, things like "oh, that font is too big," "I don't like that colour," or "that logo should go here on the page instead of here." I've been present at many meetings that included large periods of time devoted to comments scuh as these. The article has a great introductory paragraph:

"Working with a team of creatives can be a real challenge. It’s often hard to take a step back and realize that someone else’s aesthetic taste might just be different instead of worse."

The article goes on to give a few good tips on what to do in these situations. It is an excellent read for those interested in improving their ability to work in teams.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Everything you need to know about Learning Styles

Absolutely awesome reference document on Learning Styles. *4 pages jammed packed with current, relavant and useful information about the different classes of learning styles. An excellent Literature Review that is useful. Published by the Learning Skills Research Centre in PDF format.

Common Craft - Online Community Strategies: What Are the Differences Between Message Boards and Weblogs?

Here's an excellent posting from Common Craft on the differences between Message Boards and Blogs. I agree with their assessment.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Ding Ding the Blog is Dead! The Blog is Dead!

So.... I used to have a blog. But it died.

I was using RadioUserland and I didn't know that all the data was stored on my local machine, so when my machine was upgraded at work.... -=WHAMMO=- bye bye blog. (*boo hoo*) I used to have some neat things on there. Especially some links to some cool e-learning junk that I found over the last year and a half. But's all up in smoke.

So... I might as well start over. I'll use this Blog to write about some of the interesting things I'm doing at work and in my spare time. I'm just about to go on holidays as I type this.

So next week I'll be leisurely working on finishing the design of LART5: Fundamentals in Teaching Adults. The week after I'm Camping! Yeehhaa. I'm looking forward to it!

Test a third time

A third test of the email to blog posting deauture.

Hi Folks

A blog is born! Yeah!