Thursday, August 26, 2004

Conflict within Teams

I was cruising the net while waiting for the delivery of my new washer and dryer (yeeehhhaaa... bye bye laundrymat!) and I came across this very nice article off of Asterisk. It goes on to describe a situation that I have been in numerous times in my work over the last two years: when conflict arises in teams that are creating "something." You recognize the comments, things like "oh, that font is too big," "I don't like that colour," or "that logo should go here on the page instead of here." I've been present at many meetings that included large periods of time devoted to comments scuh as these. The article has a great introductory paragraph:

"Working with a team of creatives can be a real challenge. It’s often hard to take a step back and realize that someone else’s aesthetic taste might just be different instead of worse."

The article goes on to give a few good tips on what to do in these situations. It is an excellent read for those interested in improving their ability to work in teams.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

Great blog! James pointed me to you. The combination of e-learning and design posts/blogroll is telling me you are in the same boat as I am (metamorphosis from usability and new media design to learning design). Is that a right guess?

Anyway one small request – please provide the RSS feed link of your blog at the home page, otherwise how we are going to know that you wrote something new?

Blogger by default provides the Atom feed. You can try out feedburner ( too if you want to provide RSS feed.

SoulSoup (

PS: ActionHamster is a very interesting blog too.


PS2: Arul is my friend too - great to find him in your blogroll.


Eric said...


Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed it looks like we are both in the same "game" so to speak. I've added your SoulSoup blog to my blog role (*grin*).

As for the RSS feed, I'll look into it. I was under the impression that the free version of Blogger does not create any feeds whatsoever (RSS or Atom). I'll investigate this further. If I get the RSS Feed working I'll let you know.



Anonymous said...

Hi There

Save your energy,
Here are some cool stuff for you -

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To provide RSS2 link and also get your feed stats - go to and burn your atom feed into it.

Thanks for adding me in your blogroll.

SoulSoup (

Eric said...

Hi Anol,

Thank you very much for your help!!!! WOW!

I was able to burn my feed into FeedBurner and I have now placed a small XML Icon on my sidebar to direct people to the feed.

Thanks Anol!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

This is Anol from SoulSoup. I am back at James proided me the new home.

Drop by some time and say hello.
And please update your blogroll link.

Thanks in Advance