Friday, May 10, 2013

Find out what 40 universities in Canada are doing about copyright

Lisa Di Valentino at the University of Western Ontario had the idea of studying what Canadian universities are doing with respect to the recent changes in copyright legislation in Canada. She decided to go all out by collecting data from a whopping 40 Canadian universities. She selected all non-Quebec university members of the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada that have an enrollment of 5,000 students or greater. So you will agree, her sample is very representative of the Canadian university landscape. For her Doctoral thesis, Lisa prepared a paper entitled "Review of Canadian University Fair Dealing Policies". It's well worth a read if you are in any way, shape or form responsible for copyright clearances anywhere in Canada as it shows some interesting trends and consistencies among universities. The paper itself is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Put it on your bedtime reading list - it's worth it.

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