Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Habits of Mind

My brother is a grade school teacher in Toronto. He recently sent a website my way that describes 16 Habits of Mind; where a Habit of Mind is defined as contributing toward "knowing how to behave intelligently when you DON'T know the answer."

I encourage everyone to read the summary of the Habits of Mind concept. Aside from the insightful quotes found in this document, I really found that the information rings true based on my experience in personal, work and educational settings.

How do you feel personally about these 16 Habits of Mind? Which ring true for you? Which do not? Any thoughts? Please leave a comment by clicking 'comments' below, if you have the time.


Anonymous said...

Habits of Mind are popular in the schools we work with in New Zealand. Funny how quickly good ideas spread around the world. Teachers enjoy identifying the habits of mind that align best with the topics they are planning learning experiences for. And the kids get pretty slick at identifying HOM that are important for them, and use these in goal setting

Evan said...

It seems like it would be helpful.

I don't see that it is really an advance on other stuff - eg de Bono's six hats.

But anything that teaches how to think is a welcome addition.