Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Student-to-Student interaction in Online Science Courses

Asynchronous student-to-student interaction for science courses at the higher education level can be classified into the six types (Modified from Iverson, M. (2005). E-Learning Games: Interactive Learning Strategies for Digital Delivery. Pearson: Upper Saddle River.) Some examples of activities for the six types are listed below.

1. Course Openers

  • Introductions/Bio

  • Ice Breakers

2. Scenario Learning Activities

  • Case Study analysis in small groups

  • Problem Based learning in small groups

3. Peer Learning

  • Peer review of assignment work

  • Several times during the course, each student posts an online resource on the topic to a discussion board.

4. Content Review and Practice

  • Pair Annotated Bibliography (Student 1 finds a suitable article on the web and Student 2 writes a short summary of the article.)

  • A pair, or small group, of students write a research proposal

  • A pair, or small group, prepare a PowerPoint presentation

5. Group Discussion

  • Instructor assigns discussion questions that students must research individually. A component of the grade is attributed to follow up postings.

6. Course Closers

  • Students post a summary of the most important things they learned in the course

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