Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Macromedia Captivate

I spent a couple of hours this morning trying out Macromedia Captivate. It's the new release of their already popular RoboDemo software. I like the name change!

It allows the creation of presentations containing a series of screen captures and the subsequent layering of audio on each slide. It then exports the presentation as a FLASH object that can be hosted on any server and viewed in any remote browser that is equipped with the FLASH Player plugin. I put together a short demo on the software so you can see the capability.

There may be some immediate use for a tool like this for Prog Dev. In particular, I think the WebCT QuickTips and DCE090 could benefit greatly from technology such as this!!! Although there are still things to test like bandwidth issues. Speaking of bandwidth, you can export this Flash object right into Flash MX 2004 and then manually put a preloader on the file that could ensure the movie is fully downloaded before beginning to play. Under low bandwidth situations this would prevent the movie from choking.

Let me know what you think of my short demo. Turn on your speakers!


James said...

Great Demo Eric, have shared it around as we currently use Robodemo and this looks like a worthwhile upgrade.

Cheers, James

Eric said...

Hey James!

Thanks for the positive comment! I appreciate it! Are you in the e-Learning business as well? I tried to check out your Blogger profile, but it it set to private.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Great work Eric, what an excellent tool for e-learning
its like a virtual class room.
Erin :)

Eric said...

Thanks Erin! But I am sure you are biased! HAHAHA