Monday, March 09, 2009

Make your own cartoons online

Ever wanted to be a cartoonist, but can't draw? Welcome to my world. Anyway, I came across today and this website is letting me live my dream (free of charge!). I can now easily make cartoons by simply dragging and dropping backgrounds, characters, and props, etc. Try it. You'll like it. Here's a sample 3 panel cartoon that I made - it took me about 10 mins. Not bad for a 1st time.



Anonymous said...

I love the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

For Mac users - don't forget about Comic Life... slightly different, but great for job aids.

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Kia ora Eric

I think comics are great. Toondoo looks terrific. I have recently been alerted to some issues by Rupa Rajagopalan associated with the use of ToonDoo, that perhaps could be well worth taking note of.

I work for a large distance education centre. At TCS we are always aware of the vagaries of copyright issues etc. For this reason I am sensitive to such matters. Others may not be.

Catchya later

Eric said...

Great Comment Ken. A detailed read of the ToonDoo Terms of Use ( does clearly show the material can be used for personal use and some ambiguity exists on how it can be legally used in elearning settings. Rupa is wise. When in doubt, your Toon should include "the toondoo watermark, toon title and author name" and also be sure to provide a link back to the ToonDoo website.

Thank you for highlighting this important consideration Ken.


بأبل said...

I'm here by connectivism.
And thanks to connectivism came to ToonDoo.

thank you too Eric!!!

Rupa Rajagopalan said...

Hi Eric

Glad to see one more Toondoo user.

I love Toondoo and I like the cartoon you have created :)