Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Invest 45 minutes in PowerPoint!

In the same vein as my ‘Life by Powerpoint’ blog post from last year, I have stumbled across another excellent demonstration of useful ways to make PowerPoint presentations less boring for students. Alvin Trusty, Director of Educational Technology at The University of Findlay in Ohio has provided his recorded presentation from the eTechOhio conference of 2008. It’s 45 minutes long. But wait… I know exactly what you’re going to say here.

Eric… I can’t waste 45 minutes watching a PowerPoint presentation on the web.


If you are a frequent user of PowerPoint in the classroom, then this will be the BEST 45 minutes you will ever spend watching a PowerPoint presentation. Alvin gives tons of tips and tricks and interweaves the topic of best practices in PowerPoint with some very useful concepts in Copyright Law (tailored to the US audience but useful in general to others.) He shares his personal blog and a bunch of links stored in del.icio.us. So instead of ‘wasting’ 45 minutes, I say ‘invest’ 45 minutes and watch this presentation from start to finish. Then leave me a comment below. In your opinion, did you just waste that 45 minutes or not? I want to know!


Anonymous said...

Was a good investment Eric. Thanks! -Joan, Wisconsin.

Unknown said...

Not a waste of time for me... nor for my 15-year old son who watched it with me on a cold, dreary Friday night. Stephen Downes, who always makes great PowerPoint presentations, had also mentioned this video in his OLDaily. It will certainly help me improve my presentations. Thank you colleague!

Anonymous said...

Excellent presentation. -S.D.