Friday, August 26, 2005

New Blogs added to the blogroll

Today I'm adding five new blogs to the blogroll:

1. E-learning Circuits - An e-Learning Blog maintained by a team of individuals. Due to the collaborative nature of this blog, it is quite active and updated frequently. There is always something intersting to read.

2. e-Learn Space - George Siemens, an instructor at Red River College (RRC) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada presents some juicy tidbits on his elearning experience.

3. e-learnopedia - A blog maintained by the Academic ADL Co-Lab that features regularly updated links to useful e-learning and distance learning puplications and resources.

4. Auricle - A collaborative blog with "short articles, reflections, observations, or references on what we've found interesting, useful, challenging, and sometimes frustrating in the e-learning world." By the e-learning team at the University of bath in England.

5. JBlawg - Jason Rothstein view of e-learning. He's a Chicago-based consultant, project manager, and content developer for web and e-learning projects.

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